Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

You Can Never Trust a Pink Douchebag

This pink douchebag demonizes people who don’t worship the pink man-God (in his image and likeness). At the same time, other pink douchebags demonize religious people. See my post: Pink Douchebags Poison Everything. The lesson is you can’t be on the good side of a pink douchebag, because there is no good side. One day, they’ll kill you to follow their religion. The next day, they’ll kill you for following it. The only constant is they always profit.

Whether they’re religious or atheists, pink douchebags always use religion as an excuse to kill or colonize Muslims. This pink douchebag gets pretty much everything wrong about Muslims, as usual. The Mahdi isn’t the Messiah for Muslims, as he says, but the prince of Ishmaelites (Genesis 17:20Bukhari 93:4). (The Messiah for Muslims is Jesus.) The Persian or Shia Mahdi isn’t the same as the Arab or Sunni Mahdi. The Shia Mahdi is supposed to be hiding in a cave for centuries with a magical sword and horse. See my post: Think It’s Easy to Imposture a Qurayshi? Guess Again!

The only thing this douchebag gets right is that the Messiah will kill the False Messiah who’ll claim the earth is his and kill those who don’t worship him (Matthew 4:8-9). The Islamic utopia isn’t a global empire ruled by a pink man-God, but a pastoral world ruled by no man; that is, by the law of God or nature. People will return to their homelands and focus on intelligent things, like useful science and technology, rather than religious or political BS (Riyad as-Salihin 13:1383).