Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

Why I Write


Whether I write or not, people will presume things about my religion or race, and hence about me. Therefore, I prefer to speak for myself instead of having others do so for me or presume what I believe. Islamophobia is rampant in North America, and its errors are as grave as its insults. Anti-Arabism is also common in the Muslim world. It’s common for Muslims and non-Muslims to blame Arabs for every problem that’s supposed to be related to Islam or the Muslim world. Yet, Arabs aren’t in power in their own lands, which gentiles occupy and control. For instance, gentiles claim that:

– Islam isn’t a Western religion like Christianity, when it’s a Christian movement

– Arabs are Moors (black) when they’re white. They also claim Muhammad is:

– a lecher for having multiple wives like all the biblical patriarchs

– a womanizer when he said the best man is best to his wife and that he is best to his wives (Ibn Majah 9:2053)

– a pedophile because he married a young virgin to be his nurse, like Abishag (1 Kings 1:2-4)

– a warmonger for resisting his tribe’s attempts to eliminate him and his followers

If people can openly lie about our traditions and insult us, then it’s only fair for me to answer and express my views on these issues, though they may offend many people.

The Arab Perspective

If you ask an Arab about the history of Islam, he’ll tell you a very different story than a gentile. Gentiles have always sought to exterminate the children of Abraham, who always prevail with the help of God. For the longest time, gentiles were wicked pagans and mortal enemies of Abraham. The Qur’an compares their ancestors’ to Arabs’, including naturalized Arabs like Ishmaelites and many Israelites:

[T]he God of your fathers Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac. (v. 2:133)

[T]heir fathers are ignorant and misguided. (v. 2:170)

That Islam prevailed doesn’t mean gentiles have the right to govern Arabs or interpret their history or scripture. Rather, it puts them in the position of Wahshi, the Ethiopian slave who killed the Prophet’s uncle Hamza. When Wahshi embraced Islam, the Prophet pardoned him on condition that he never see his face again. Embracing Islam involves swearing allegiance to the Prophet and his family and successor and becoming a client (mawali) to an Arab tribe.

Wahshi is a true convert, unlike people who convert to Islam on the belief it’s a way for them to preach at or rule over Arabs, which it isn’t (Ibn Majah 5:1134 in fine). Arabs’ policy has always been that gentiles can either follow us or do whatever they want in their own name. Gentiles who speak for Islam or use our scripture to do whatever they want in its name–which is essentially our name (v. 22:78)–are open enemies to us. When it’s convenient for them, the same gentiles go back to their people and blame Arabs, the Qur’an or Muhammad for their wrongdoing and thus double-cross us.

Muhammad is a prophet to us because he established the first caliphate, thus fulfilling our father Ishmael’s legacy (Genesis 17:20, Muslim 33:9 & 33:4). Gentiles weren’t the Prophet’s main supporters and still aren’t to the extent that they don’t recognize the authority of his family and successor. In the first century of Islam, gentiles (‘ajam) mainly referred to Persians, who vigorously fought the nascent caliphate and assassinated the Lakhmid prince (a vassal to Khosrau) who converted to Christianity. The Lakhmids and Ishmaelites subsequently attacked Persia. Like Heraclius, Khosrau purposed to destroy Arabs and annex them to his empire. After using Jews and Arabs to briefly recapture Jerusalem, Khosrau abandoned them as a Christian mob massacred over 20,000 of them at the Golden Gate. In fact, the term ‘ajam is practically synonymous to Persians in the first century of Islam, although it also referred to Hamites in the south, Magogites in the north and Romans to the west. Romans, however, are also called Sons of Isaac (banu ishaq) since they mixed with Edomites.

While Quraysh initially opposed the Prophet, they all eventually embraced his message. All of the Prophet’s enemies, by contrast, were gentiles, whereas only a few of his followers were gentiles. When more gentiles converted to Islam, they were insubordinate and assassinated all the orthodox caliphs except Abu Bakr and many caliphs afterward. The Qur’an and Hadith remind Arabs how:

– how Hamites tried to kill Abraham and destroy the Ka’ba,

– Romans destroyed Israel and tried to kill Jesus

– Roman Emperor Heraclius declared his intent to kill all the ‘circumcised people’ (children of Abraham) after taking over Jerusalem in 629. 

Yet, if you ask gentiles–including Muslim gentiles–about the history of Islam, they’ll tell you a completely different story. According to one popular story, Muhammad was sent to Arabs because they were uncivilized idolaters who lived in the middle of the desert. In fact, Mecca is a place of exile in the desert, like Mount Sinai. Ishmaelites are no more native to the desert than Israelites, who were also exiled in the desert. Arabs are native to northern Syria and Turkey, where they established many great civilizations the Qur’an recalls, including Sheba, Himyar, Nabatea, Palmyra and Aram. See my post: Response to Black Anti-Arab ‘Muslim.’ Other popular myths among gentiles are that the Qur’an is in Arabic by accident and that anyone can be the caliph, which means any gentile can rule Arabs, interpret their history or law (the Qur’an) or speak for Islam, Arabs or Muslims. This is basically a formula for anarchy, despotism and colonization of Arabs. It allows any Iznogoud who wants to be caliph instead of the caliph to petition for caliph, which is exactly the problem in the Muslim world today. See my post: Gentiles Shouldn’t Interpret Our Law for Us and my essay: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to NOT Interpreting the Qur’an.

Reclaiming Our Heritage

For a long time, I was reluctant to engage these issues, because the truth is I don’t care much for religion or politics. Intelligent people do science, which is natural law. The Qur’an is my only legacy, and it is about natural law. For a long time, defending this legacy seemed to me too daunting. However, I’ve since satisfied myself that our traditions aren’t a way backward but forward, even if it means I have a harrowing uphill battle ahead of me. The things I have to say–which aren’t being said and need to be said–aren’t going to make me popular among Muslims or non-Muslims. However, leaving my legacy to dogs is not an option.

Alids don’t inherit “gold or silver,” symbolizing material possessions like Trump Tower, Hilton Hotel or  Buckingham Palace. We inherit our genes for strength, courage and wits, and our book: the Qur’an (Riyad as-Salihin 13:1388). Gentiles, like Turks, use the Qur’an to serve their interest. For instance, they used it to take over the Promised Land. Then, when they no longer saw a use for it, they blamed their evil actions on the Qur’an or Arabs and threw the Qur’an aside, but kept the land. Christian gentiles do the same thing with the Torah, which they use as an excuse to do whatever they want, even to kill the Israelites to whom it belongs. Then, they blame all their evil actions on ‘religion’ instead of themselves. See my post: Islamic Hermeneutics 101 and Gentiles Can’t Interpret the Qur’an for Quraysh.

The point is the Qur’an doesn’t belong to gentiles. It’s not the law or history of Turks for them to inherit or interpret. It’s Abrahamic law they can either follow or reject. Gentiles’ conversion to Islam doesn’t make the Qur’an theirs. If they read it carefully they’d realize it reminds them that their ancestors–like the Pharaohs, Romans and Magogites–wanted to kill ours. The law is absolutely clear: the Qur’an belongs to Alids. See my posts: The Heavier of the Two Weights and Gentiles Have No Authority Over the Qur’an. Until Alids reclaim the Qur’an as their legacy, they can’t achieve their independence, which the caliphate represents. Gentiles will continue to use the Qur’an for their convenience or as an excuse for their mischief, which they’ll blame on Arabs, Islam or the Qur’an.