Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

Why ‘Bastard’ Is an Insult to Abrahamic People

A liar can be recognized by the fact lies are built into its physiology, whence its philosophy emanates. Consider, for instance, a European (a pink person) who claims to be ‘Indian’ or not a colonizer (a murderer) or a black person called McInnis, who lies about his father–whom he ignores. Their core identity is a lie, so how can you expect anything but lies to come from them?

Bastards do not inherit anything, so everything they pretend to be, do and acquire is just that: pretending–and theft from legitimate heirs. Bastards are often violent, and want to kill legitimate heirs, pretend to be them or take what is theirs.

That’s why calling someone a ‘bastard’ is one of the greatest insults to Abrahamic people. In North America, the ‘eff word’ takes its place. This is very interesting because the word for ‘bastard’ in Arabic is ibn az-zina; literally, ‘child of philandering,’ which is the meaning of the ‘eff word.’ As a colleague of mine–who is a European philosopher–put it, he fails to understand why ‘bastard’ is even an insult, since most people in his community do not belong to historical families or are born out of wedlock.

That is the reason.

Ramsey Bolton kills his father Roose and his wife, Walda