Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

Who’s Your Mawla? The All-Purpose Question in Sharia


While Muslims all in principle have a mawla or mawali, we live in a time when it’s common for Muslims not to recognize their mawla and mawali or pretend to be who they’re not. This fulfills the prophecy that the slave-girl will give birth to her master; that is to say, ajam will pretend to be Arabs (Ibn Majah 1:66).

1. Every Muslim Must Have a Mawla

Since every Muslim has a mawla, one need not dispute points of law with ajam, who are mawali (Bulugh al-Maram 8:1002). One need only ask: “Who’s your mawla?” (al-Adab al-Mufrad 3:1). This is the first question angels will ask a person in its grave (Tirmidhi 10:107). If an ajam doesn’t have a mawla, its mawla is the devil, as v. 28:50 says those who don’t follow God and the Prophet follow their desires, i.e., the devil (v. 4:120). This corresponds to the Prophet’s saying that one person is a devil, two are two devils, three is a group (Abu Dawud 15:131) and every group must have a leader (Muslim 5:365). The leader of the Muslim nation (umma) is the Prophet’s successor (caliph) as the Qur’an says:

Truly, those who swear allegiance to you swear allegiance to God. The hand of God is over their hands. So, whoever betrays is responsible; and whoever fulfills its promise to God will soon have a wonderful reward. (v. 48:10)

In order to convert, ajam must swear allegiance (bay’a) to the Prophet’s and his family (Quraysh) and successors (Bukhari 65:4818, 93:4, 62:98, Riyad as-Salihin 1:347 & Tirmidhi 49:4281). The Prophet says: “Ali is a mawla to whoever I’m a mawla” (Tirmidhi 49:4078). The Prophet says:

A person who withdraws its hand from swearing allegiance [to the caliph] will have no defence before God at the final judgment. A person who dies without swearing allegiance [to the caliph] will die the death of the Dark Age. (Riyad as-Salihin 1:665)

Only the caliph has the authority to deliver the Friday sermon from the Prophet’s pulpit (Abu Dawud 38:13 & Tirmidhi 47:3673). Muslims must attend the sermon; and a woman or a bedouin–that is, an ajam–can’t be an Imam over a Muhajir; that is, a Qurayshi (Ibn Majah 5:1134 & al-Adab al-Mufrad 3:2). Historically, the Qurayshi dynasties who claimed the caliphate belong to three clans; namely, the Umayyads, Abbasids and Alids. Alids–who are the Prophet’s immediate family and successors–consider Umayyads, Abbasids and their mawali to be heretics, traitors and usurpers. Old Muslims will therefore be mawali to one of these clans, either directly (if they swore allegiance to them directly) or via a proxy (if they swore allegiance to one of their mawali). All Muslims are mawali of Quraysh, since Islam is the creed of Quraysh and the Qur’an is their constitution, which speaks to them in their language (Bukhari 61:16, vv. 22:78, 41:44, 4:54 & ch. 106).

2. Who Isn’t for Us Isn’t of Us

As an Alid, my next question to an ajam is whether it recognizes Alids as its mawla. If it doesn’t, then it’s an enemy to the Prophet and his family and successors (Muslim 44:58, Tirmidhi 49:4098, 49:4090, 49:4078, 49:4138, 49:4244, 49:4281 & al-Adab al-Mufrad 3:2). See my essays: The Critical Relationship Between Mawla and Mawali and Basic Rights and Obligations of Mawla and Mawali.

In short, friends and enemies of Alids are friends and enemies of the Prophet or Islam (Riyad as-Salihin 1:346). Enemies of Arabs are enemies of the Prophet, since the Prophet is an Arab (Tirmidhi 49:4306). Note that Arabs in the Qur’an and Hadith means Ishmaelites (Muslim 43:203, Jubilees 20:11-13 & Targum Jonathan Genesis 25:1) not ajam who speak Arabic, who are often enemies of Arabs (Bukhari 62:51 & Ibn Majah 1:66). See my essays: Arabs are White–Not Black, Red or Yellow, What I Mean by ‘Arabs Are White’ and Non-White ‘Arabs’ are Bastards, Muladis or Heretics.

3. The Qur’an Doesn’t Serve Imposters

The Qur’an and Hadith are calculated to destroy the enemies of the Prophet and Alids. The Qur’an directs Muslims to kill each other who usurp it from Alids (v. 2:26, Bukhari 96:39 & Ibn Majah 36:94). That’s why Alids usually withdraw from power struggles and let those involved in them finish each other off (Tirmidhi 47:3673). It’s also why the Mahdi, who is an Alid, must eventually inherit the caliphate (Abu Dawud 38:7).

4. The Argument of Abu Lahab

Although the Qur’an is meant to ennoble the Prophet and his family and successors (v. 33:33 & Muslim 44:91) ‘Urwa ibn Mas’ood, Abu Sufyan, Abul Hakam and mainly Abu Lahab–among other lords of Quraysh–believed the Qur’an will destroy Quraysh. This is because it includes women and ajam (Eve and the devil) (Bukhari 77:60, Muslim 32:104 & Ibn Majah 37:4266). See my essays: Eve(l) and the (D)evil and Women and Gentiles Have No Innate Rights or Authority in Any Abrahamic Tradition. See also my posts: Why Quraysh Don’t Get Along With Ajam and Ajam: To Trust Them Is Folly, To Denigrate Them Is Heresy.

Levites and Quraysh, who are ancient allies, fought the Prophet and his followers because they thought Islam would bring them more trouble than good (Abu Dawud 41:1 & v. 3:33). King David’s successor in Iraq is said to have remarked to Eli that Muhammad failed as a prophet, since while Jews still recognize him as King David’s successor, Muslims don’t recognize Eli as Muhammad’s successor. The Prophet had a vision that Umayyads (the family of Abu Sufyan) would usurp the caliphate from Eli, which caused him distress (Tirmidhi 47:3673). Little did he know that ajam would assassinate all the orthodox caliphs, except Abu Bakr–let alone that Turks would usurp the caliphate and Promised Land (Abu Dawud 39:15). See my post: Critique of Turks and Their Role in Prophecy.

Abu Lahab and Abu Sufyan thus seem to be right that Islam would ultimately increase Quraysh’s woes or destroy it by giving any attention to women and ajam. Yet, the Qur’an damns Abu Lahab, and insists that the Qur’an is “for the accommodation of Quraysh” (v. 106:1) not their humiliation or destruction. The Prophet says God will humiliate whoever wants to humiliate Quraysh (Tirmidhi 49:4281). Despite this, ajam still use the Qur’an to undermine Quraysh, as Christians use the Torah to undermine Israelites, because they refuse to acknowledge Quraysh as their mawla. However, as long as ajam usurp the Qur’an and the caliphate, they’ll go in out of Islam as their convenience, which will expose them as liars to other ajam who’ll usurp the Qur’an and the caliphate from them (Ibn Majah 36:37). Alids, in the meantime, will ignore ajam and withdraw from the conflict, as they always do, and watch them fall like flies. The difference between Alids and ajam is that Alids are very consistent. They preserve their race, law, ancestry, language, history and culture. See my post: Who Are Ahl al-Bayt? Ajam, by contrast, have no consistency or credibility. It’s obvious that they’re usurpers.


Whenever mawali don’t recognize their mawla or the caliphate is usurped from Alids, it’s always a short matter of time before ajam split into 72 sects (as many as there are nations) and start to kill each other by the Qur’an’s design (v. 6:149, Ibn Majah 37:4429, Genesis 10 & Abu Dawud 42:1). Despite this, Islam and Muslims will always be protected from their enemies, as the Prophet says: “Two swords won’t join against Muslims: their own and their enemy’s” (Abu Dawud 39:11). That is to say, if unbelievers attack Muslims, then Muslims will stop fighting each other and join against them. Alids don’t, therefore, tend to worry about the fate of Islam or Muslims. They only worry about their status as mawla and their hereditary claim to the caliphate, which they must constantly reassert against Qurayshi heretics and their mawali from generation to generation, until the Mahdi comes (Ibn Majah 36:157).