Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

Who the Heck is Mufti Menk?


Mufti Ismail Menk is a preacher from Zimbabwe who is running a massive cult online that pretends to be Islamic. This post is the kind of typical offhand critique of such ‘Imams’ and ‘Muftis’ you’ll hear from an Ishmaelite.

1. Credentials

First of all, who made him a Mufti? Bedouins who were never civilized? (A Mufti is a person person who issues fatwas or legal opinions in the name of Abraham and his successors.) I don’t know that Menk has any connection or allegiance to Ahl al-Bayt. He doesn’t acknowledge a mawla, and thus has the devil as his mawla. If he did, he wouldn’t call Muslims who don’t mix races racist, as he does in the video below. Ahl al-Bayt don’t mix races. See, e.g., my essays: Special Commandments and Prerogatives That Apply to the Family of the Prophet and The Preachers of Intermarriage Preach Death to Arabs and the Nations.

2. Are Some People Superior?

Mufti Menk insists everyone is equal before God. This isn’t true in the sense most people understand it. Some races are superior from an Islamic point of view, because they embody superior morals and truths. Abraham’s family, for instance, is superior because they aren’t thieves, murderers, rapists, occupiers or invaders. They have limits (hudood) in terms of marriage, territory and morals. They breed for moderate and virtuous features; not bad features like disease, stupidity and over-sexualized features that don’t serve a noble purpose. In fact, you’re not a Muslim if you don’t believe the Prophet is a perfect human being and that his family and disciples are superior. They aren’t just superior for their moral qualities, but also their physical and social qualities, such as health, strength, nobility and independence. Poor sight, for example, is an inferior physical quality Ishmaelites try to breed out in order to best approximate the archetype of the Prophet. The Prophet could spy the Pleiades with his bare eyes.

The Prophet is moderate in all his features, both moral and physical. He is especially endowed intellectually. Intelligence is the highest value of Abrahamic people. It’s why they are the purveyors of scripture (law) and civilization. Their native country, the Promised Land, which corresponds to the fertile crescent, is also the cradle of civilization and paradise on earth. It sits at the crossroads of the nations, at the heart of the temperate (semite) clime.

The devil’s sin wasn’t just pride, but his refusal to acknowledge Adam as his superior, because he exhibits greater intelligence and morality. See my essay: Iblis: The Symbol of True Hierarchy. The devil doesn’t recognize Adam’s authority or God’s or any of the prophets’. He thinks he is superior and belongs a superior nation, despite his evil deeds and attributes. Good governance results when people and nations acknowledge their place in the hierarchy of society and nature. Their histories, attributes and accomplishments speak for themselves. Wise people aren’t equal to ignorants. Nor are nobles equal to scoundrels.

2. Ridiculous Fatwas

Two of Menk’s fatwas are especially ridiculous, which the following subsections discuss.

2.1 Let Everyone Know You Just Had Sex

First, he says it’s okay to go do ghusl in the morning, signalling to everyone in the house you had sex. See my essay: Hamites Make Terrible Sex Teachers. He then goes on to call gays disgusting, as if he’s more pious. See my post: Sodomy and Defilement in Sharia. What he says is shameless. Anyone who grew up in an orthodox Arab or Jewish household knows sex is unseen and unheard. My parents and grandparents are so discreet about it, I can’t even picture them having sex, even though they had dozens of kids. The Prophet didn’t have sex loud or uncovered “like an ass.” Even his wives never saw his genitals. Prophets had sex in the dark, in silence. Jacob accidentally married Rachel’s older sister, Leah, this way. People didn’t see prophets’ wives either, since they covered in public. In short, the prophets had the cleanest, healthiest, most discreet and honourable sex lives. See my posts: Interracial Rape: An Ajam Problem, Marital Rape: An Ajam Problem, Sex in Sharia. They didn’t look down on other people with different sex lives. Rather, their model is so pure, healthy and honourable that other people want to follow their footsteps. Everyone has sex, as it’s a natural or divine function. The difference is how they go about it.

2.2 You’re a Racist, and Not a Muslim, If You Won’t Marry From a Different Race

In the video below, Menk goes so far as to call people racists who refuse to marry people who belong to other races or nationalities. In other videos, he calls them not Muslims. That actually makes him a racist for wanting to destroy and disinherit races God or nature created, and not a Muslim for defining Islamic law for himself. Races embody history, heritage and adaptations to a homeland. These are things God created for a reason–not to destroy them.

‘Muftis’ like Menk, at any rate, don’t represent Ishmaelites or their elders, chiefs and sages. They have no connection or allegiance to the Prophet’s successors and don’t speak in his name. In fact, the reason Ishmaelites don’t have a country or a caliphate anymore is because of the proliferation of these ‘Mufti’ usurpers and their ridiculous cults. If Muslims actually supported the Prophet’s family, they wouldn’t just have their own country in Greater Syria (which is being destroyed). They’d be indomitable.

Ishmaelites ignore these ‘Muftis,’ at any rate, and don’t take them seriously. If they did, these Muftis would usurp Ishmaelites’ country and authority in the name of Ishmaelites’ own ancestors, as they do today. (Turks, Canaanites and Persians, for instance, don’t belong in the Promised Land.) Menk preaches to ajam, mostly of his own kind. (He preaches to the choir, as they say.) This is the meaning of the Prophet’s saying that Islam will split into 72 sects, which is the number of nations (Mishkat al-Masabih 1:164, Genesis 10 & Ibn Majah 37:4428). Each of them will preach its own brand of Islam and paint the Prophet and his caliph (successor) in its own image. The only true sect follow Ahl al-Bayt; that is, the Prophet’s nation (who are a race). The Prophet, for instance, describes Quraysh as people of his race who speak his language (Ibn Majah 36:54) which is the language of the Qur’an (Bukhari 61:16 & v. 41:44). Suffice to say the Mahdi won’t come from Menk’s line. 

Instead of encouraging Muslims to build and protect their families and nations, Menk encourages them to mix races. The result is that their children will be more confused than their parents. They’ll suffer from it, as they’ll belong to no people or place and usurp others, who’ll become their enemies. As Menk mentions in the videos, we live in a generation of failed marriages–and nations. Naturally, it’s also a generation of failed countries, like Zimbabwe, and marriage advisors like Menk, who is divorced and a settler. Interracial couples may–and often do–accuse each other and other members of their families of racism and racial privilege like Menk. That’s another problem intelligent people don’t want to deal with. Golden Rules are found in Golden Ages, not among failing people and nations. Bad preachers are correspondingly popular among bad generations like today’s.

The Prophet calls people to Islam (perfection) which is to build families and nations–not destroy them, as mixed marriages do. People who endorse this are racists. They’re also rapists, since a rapist insists on people having sex with people with whom they don’t normally want to have sex–or with whom it’s not in their personal or national interest to have sex.

Menk calls people racists who won’t have sex with another race


Menk’s message speaks to immigrants who want to marry white people, who don’t want to marry them. They call these white people racists for telling them to go home and fix their broken people and countries. Then, they claim this problem of racism arises from the fact these white people aren’t Muslim (or good Muslims) and that Islam is the solution. This makes a lot of people see Islam as an excuse by foreign races from third world countries to invade other nations. These foreign races then call other races–including Arabs–racists and Islamophobes (ironically) which makes them hate these races and Islam, or hate them even more. It’s telling that the Umayyads–a blonde Qurayshi (Damascene) dynasty–had no problem converting much of Europe to Islam, whereas the Moors (dark Africans) who invaded it got Muslims kicked out of the continent. It’s obvious that Europeans hate Islam because of the Moors, as they still associate Islam with Moors today.

At the end of the day, Menk is just another cult leader like Osama Bin Laden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or any other usurper of the Prophet’s pulpit. He’s not an Ishmaelite and doesn’t follow or represent them. He just uses Islam to get money and followers. He’ll say whatever gets him money and followers, like that Muslims can marry any race or religion, even though mixed marriages kill, confuse and disinherit nations and tribes. As noted in the aforementioned articles, the Prophet says the sons of Israel were lost because they mixed with other nations and religions (Ibn Majah 1:58). The Prophet also forbids his family from mixing asses and horses (i.e., noble and ignoble people) (Ahmad 5:20). The Qur’an only allows marriage between adherents of Abrahamic religions (v. 5:5) and forbids nobles to marry or inherit from adulterers or idolaters, or people who descend from the same (v. 24:3).

For Ishmaelites, ‘marrying out’ is to abandon your heritage forever. For instance, Ishmaelites don’t get along with Jews today because most of the people who pretend to be Jews today are European settlers; otherwise, they’d accept them in the Promised Land with open arms, as they already do, and as will happen when the Messiah comes. (Many Israelites are Muslims, and just waiting for the Messiah to restore their kingdom and priesthood.)

Put simply, Ishmaelites don’t have sex with people who want to rule, murder or invade them. If they did, they’d be responsible–and have no excuse–for being ruled, murdered or invaded by those people. Arabs who ‘marry out’ can no longer claim to be Arabs. It would be their fault for letting their enemies–including their potential or erstwhile enemies–into their beds, which are supposed to be their most protected places.