Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

Who Are Ahl al-Bayt?


Ahl al-Bayt–the Members of the House (of Abraham)–are three:

1. The house of Abraham (v. 11:73)

2. The house of Amram (v. 28:12) which connects to Moses

3. The house of Eli (v. 33:33 & Muslim 44:58) which connects to the Prophet

How to Recognize Ahl al-Bayt

How is it possible to discern them? The answer has to do with the hierarchy of Abraham’s family. The top tribes and chiefs are few. They command all the lower houses. “If ten [Israelite] leaders followed me,” said the Prophet, “they would all follow me” (Bukhari 63:166). This refers to the Ten Lost Tribes who betrayed King Solomon, to whom Ishmaelites are faithful (Muslim 5:49). Ishmaelites and Israelites generally know each other like their sons (v. 2:126) because they’re all Ahl al-Bayt. 

The chief of Levi is the high priest, who inherits the Torah and has the power to anoint princes. The state of the high priesthood reflects the state of Israel. There is always a high priest in Israel on earth or in heaven. The high priest is the gold standard of Abrahamic DNA (Leviticus 21). The pope and priests, by contrast, are gentile frauds. In short, you don’t have to DNA test a million Jews and Arabs, just the chiefs of tribes who fit the same legal, historic, racial and genetic profile. Other Arabs and Jews are their followers. They share history, belong to the same race and are related in varying degrees.

In short, Alids are recognizable by their moral and physical traits. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. This harks back to the election of the first caliph. Sa’d ibn ‘Ubada al-Ansari stood up among the crowd that was gathered at Saqeefat Banu Sa’eeda to elect the first caliph and described himself as a regal palm tree camels use to scratch themselves (Ahmad 3:1). He thus implied that he’s fittest to rule Arabs, because he answers their concerns. The palm tree is the tree of Arabs and the camel is their animal (Bukhari 70:77, Matthew 19:24, vv. 7:40, 81:4 & 88:17). Abu Bakr counters by arguing that Quraysh have the best lineage and home among Arabs (awsatal-‘arabi nasaban wa daran) referring to the house of God (Tirmidhi 49:3966, Muslim 43:1, vv. 2:124-125, ch. 106 & Bukhari 86:57).

The Hierarchy of Ahl al-Bayt

Alids are the custodians of the Ka’ba, who are responsible to lead prayer and sacrifice (v. 108:3, Abu Dawud 11:49 & 16:3) just as Levites are custodians of the Temple, who are responsible for sacrifice (Leviticus 9:7). At the Prophet’s Haj, before his Last Sermon, he sacrifices 63 camels; Eli sacrifices the other 7, and they eat the meat of the sacrifice together (Abu Dawud 11:185 in fine). This represents the 63 years of the Prophet’s life, the 7 years of the Mahdi’s reign and the 70 years of Islam (Bukhari 61:45, Abu Dawud 38:7 & Tirmidhi 36:28).