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The Creation of Adam and the Age of Man

The Symbolism of Adam

Adam is a symbol and a person. Like Jesus, he was created without a father (v. 3:59). Adam represents the First Man as Jesus represents the Last Man. There will be people after Jesus, so there were probably people before Adam, who both represents archetypes. The Qur’an calls people who don’t follow the law apes, which existed before Adam (v. 5:60 & Muslim 46:51). Hence, Muslims don’t recognize that people evolved from apes, because they’re still apes.

The Symbolism of the Story of the Fall

Adam is represents¬†emergence of a new species of Homo deus, who is the common ancestor of civilized people, which marks the beginning of history. The video below presents the received view among scientists that humans share a common ancestor. Civilization began in the fertile crescent–that is, the Promised Land–which the garden of Eden represents. See my post: Blood and Soil Explain History and the Spread of Magogites. Adam’s sons, Abel and Cain, represent the first farmer and husbandman. See my essay: Essential and Necessary Truths: The Hermeneutics of Biblical Archaeology.¬†

The story of the Fall represents the loss of innocence of humanity, from infancy to maturation, and from a prehistorical society to civilization. See my post: Islamic vs. Evangelical Interpretations of Adam and Eve. The Forbidden Fruit represents intoxicants (Matthew 18:3 & Ibn Majah 30:3496) which may be contrasted to the Tree of Life, which is wheat or the “bread of life” (John 6:48, Matthew 4:4 & v. 14:24).

Adam’s stature of 60 cubits (v. 7:11 & Muslim 53:32) corresponds to the statue of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 3 and the height of the Holy of Holies, which represents the garden of Eden (Ezra 6:3).

The Age of Man

Adam was created on the eve of the Sabbath (v. 50:34) which is the last day in the cosmic cycle. See my post: The Symbolism and Numerology of Creation. The Age of Man–a millennium–consists of 7 overlapping Ages:

Age ofAdamNoahAbrahamMosesJesusMuhammadMessianic
SourceTirmidhi 47:3694v. 29:14Genesis 6:3Deuteronomy 34:7Luke 3:23Bukhari 61:45Muslim 54:144. This completes 70 years for Muhammad and 40 for Jesus

Most nations recognize Noah as their ancestor. However, if apes insist Noah doesn’t exist, the bible presents an early record of this genealogy. Even if they doubt this genealogy, it’s necessarily true, as I discuss in my essay: Essential and Necessary Truths: The Hermeneutics of Biblical Archaeology. For instance, there was a first believer in God who founded the first nation under God. That person is Abraham, the ‘father of many.’