Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

Normalizing Crime Creates and Perpetuates It

Who is worse? People who normalize crimes against humanity or people who actualize them? The answer is the former.

The reason is this. People who normalize crimes against humanity are a sine qua non to those who actualize them. Plus, they’re a lot commoner. Mussolini, for instance, is a nobody without a mad country to support him. This base of support is necessary to actualize his criminal projects; also to excuse them, so no particular individual seems to be responsible for anything.

The 20th c.: Fascism and Mussolini

If you normalize the fact Australians are Europeans, for example, you’re normalizing the genocide of Australian Aborigines. When these assumptions become normal, they become actual. For instance, the genocide of Aborigines couldn’t happen without it being normal in the first place, or the last. The genocide will not be paid for or reversed until it is denormalized (or ‘abnormalized’).

Many common presumptions about what is normal endorse crimes against humanity. It is by denormalizing many absurdities of daily life that these crimes are prevented. In fact, simply calling things what they are–or by their true names–goes a long way in this regard.

If I called myself John Howard, for example, I would be lying about my culture, land and ancestry and appropriating them from others.