Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

Non-White ‘Arabs’ are Bastards, Muladis or Heretics


Quraysh’s well-documented racism could save its life now that ajam destroyed its countries–Andalusia and Sham–and pretend to be Qurayshi. This essay will discuss various aspects of Quraysh’s racism through the example of a discussion I had with a Somali who pretends to be Qurayshi (‘the Somali’). Evidently, we’re not related. Let’s presume one of his ancestors is a Qurayshi who married out of the tribe with a Somali. In that case, his ancestor is a traitor to Quraysh; moreover:

1. he is a muwallad (i.e., a Muladi or person of mixed race) therefore:

1.1 his opinions about Sharia are invalid and dangerous (Ibn Majah 1:58)

1.2 he is a client (mawali) of Quraysh; therefore:

1.2.1 he can’t inherit from Quraysh; his inheritance belongs to his mawla (Malik 27:9)

In the alternative, the Somali who pretends to be Qurayshi is a liar and a heretic, as the Prophet says that a person who doesn’t identify with his people will go to hell (al-Adab al-Mufrad 24:15). Obviously his people are Somalians, not Qurayshis.

Quraysh as a Race

Qurayshis are a race, as the Prophet describes them as “people of our race (jild, lit. skin [colour]) who speak our language” (Ibn Majah 36:54) and belong to the broader family of Arabs, who belong to the semitic race, as the next paragraph will explain. The language of Quraysh is the language of the Qur’an, which is written in the dialect of Quraysh (Bukhari 66:6). Qurayshis only marry Muslim semites from unadulterated bloodlines (v. 5:5, an-Nasa’i 26:33, Tirmidhi 49:4266, an-Nasa’i 26:109, Bukhari 68:34). A person of mixed race is called a muwallad or Muladi. Thus, a person who belongs to another race, or who has the genetic imprint of another race, can’t be Qurayshi. Qurayshis established two caliphates in Andalusia and Sham, and therefore come from either region. Arabs don’t leave Sham unless they’re forced (Abu Dawud 15:6) which is why western Arabs are from exiled tribes, like Umayyads and Alids, or their mawali. Eastern Arabs are Abbasid mawali. Andalusia and Sham are on the same latitude on opposite sides of the Mediterranean. Their people belong to the same semitic race. Semites are white (abyadh) and recognizable like white horses from black horses (Shama’il Muhammadiyah 1:7, Song of Songs 5:10-16, Malik 2:59 & Bukhari 61:53).

Note, however, that the Qur’an and Hadith don’t use the term ‘white’ in the same way as white (European) supremacists. Europeans are Japhetic people, whom the Qur’an and Hadith describe as ‘red’ and ‘yellow.’ See my essay: What I Mean by ‘Arabs Are White’. The Qur’an and Hadith also use the term ‘Arab’ in a specific sense. Arab in the sense of the Qur’an and Hadith are Hagarenes, not anyone who speaks Arabic (v. 22:78, Muslim 43:203, Targum Onkelos Genesis 25:1 & Jubilees 20:11-13). Abraham’s family is one race (v. 2:146) as semites belong to one of three races. As Arabia has a specific legal definition as a place (e.g., Abu Dawud 20:106) so do Arabs have a specific legal definition as a race (e.g., Bukhari 61:53 & Abu Dawud 38:7). Since skin colour is one of the legal criteria that defines Arabs, non-whites who claim to be Qurayshi must either be bastards, Muladis or heretics (Tirmidhi 47:3512 & Bukhari 85:44). See my post: The Semitic Race and essays: The Precision of Arabic and Arabs and Arabs are White–Not Black, Yellow, Red or Pink

While the Magogite missionary in the video below wants to paint the Prophet as a racist, he’s absolutely right that the sources are unambiguous and overemphasize the Prophet’s physical attributes. This isn’t because the Prophet promotes hatred of blacks, but so that other races wouldn’t pretend to be Qurayshi. The Prophet says in his Last Sermon: “There is no superiority of Arab over ajam or white over black, except in piety” (Ahmad 19:774). Note, however, that this statement presupposes that Arabs are white, otherwise it would imply that ajam are superior to Arabs. Note also that piety depends on personal status. The piety of a man isn’t the same as a woman, or an Arab as a ajam (Bulugh al-Maram 8:1009). For instance, whereas Arabs are excommunicated for committing adultery, ajam and mawali aren’t, since their status as children of fornication (abna az-zina) is already known (Ibn Majah 20:2663 & Abu Dawud 31:38).

Arabs’ share of the Promised Land–Arabia (Abu Dawud 20:106 & Genesis 15:18)–is Greater Syria (Sham). This excludes Najd or Arabia Deserta, which the Prophet calls the horn (kingdom) of Satan (Tirmidhi 49:4334 & Daniel 8:22). See my essay: Abraham’s Two-State Solution. See also my post: Arabs: Masters of the Seven Seas. Below is a depiction of Syrians bringing tribute to Tuthmosis III, in the tomb of Rekhmire, c. 1450 BC.

Arabs, like Hebrews, originate from Sham. The Prophet says that when Sham becomes corrupt, there’s no good in Muslims, since it’s the heartland and fatherland of Arabs (Tirmidhi 33:35).

A white Arab from Damascus? Who knew! It’s just all over the books . . .

A Somali Qurayshi?

The Somali is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. This refutes the Brotherhood, as the Persian Grand Ayatollah refutes Shiism. See my post: Iran May Eventually Ally with Israel and America. “May God blacken your face,” “son of a negress” or “ajam” are insults to Arabs (Bukhari 78:80). “Slave” (‘abd) is synonymous to negro. A sign of impending doom is when ajam or mawali pretend to be Arabs (Ibn Majah 1:66). Negroes tried to destroy the Ka’ba (ch. 105) and a negro will ultimately do so (Muslim 44:71). 

The ‘true African Arabs’ . . . in America

Black and brown people will pretend to be Hebrews, Arabs and Pharaohs, like Beyoncé in her latest film Black Is King. Yet, these are contradictory identities. Black people can’t be all of these things. See my post: Canaanites: The Magogites of the South. The irony is that I’m more African by DNA, as an Idrisid, than Beyoncé, who is of mixed race. Her DNA is probably mostly European, like the black person in the image below. See my post: Gog and Magog Didn’t Just Invade Every Country, They Ducked Everyone.

Check your DNA, blacktivist Luke Skywalker

The ‘true Hebrew Israelites’ . . . from America

More ‘true Hebrew Israelites’ . . . from America . . . and Germany . . . and Russia

The Somali argued that Adam and Moses are black. First, Jews don’t believe that. See my post: The Semitic Race. Second, Adamah means red, like para adamah (red heifer) and Isaac’s twin Edom. That’s why Romans (Edomites) are called al-hamra (redskins) (Abu Dawud 42:49). The Qur’an also calls the red heifer asfar (yellow) and Edomites Banil-Asfar (v. 2:69 & Bukhari 58:18). Adam is, after all, the patriarch of the Promised Land, which encompasses the fertile crescent, aka the cradle of civilization (Tirmidhi 49:4335 & Genesis 3:24). Only certain white people are adapted to this environment, which is why they’re civilized and lactose and gluten tolerant, among others. See my post: Allergic to Milk, Fish, Nuts or Gluten? You’re Not a Semite! 

Careful! Some of them are violent

What Colour Is Adam?

Adam, like Jesus, has a ruddy complexion (Bukhari 60:111). Like Jesus–the ‘New Adam’–he’s a special creation (v. 7:25) who is native to the holy land–the garden of Eden–which the Holy of Holies represents. Muhsin Khan’s translation of Bukhari 60:111 mistranslates adami as brown. Yet the same Hadith describes Jesus as red. The translation of another Hadith renders ka ahsana ma ra’ayta min udmi as “the fairest complexion anyone has ever seen” (Muslim 1:332). Another Hadith confirms that adami means red and white (al-humrata wal-bayadh) not black (Muslim 1:326). This corresponds to King Solomon’s description in Song of Songs 5:10–which Jews and Christians understand as a prophecy of the Messiah–and the Prophet’s description in Shama’il Muhammadiyah 1:7.

As if the meaning of “white” isn’t clear enough from these examples, the Prophet is described as a “white man” (al-abyadh) (Abu Dawud 2:96) who turns red when angry (Ibn Majah 4:28) which is impossible if he’s brown. Abut-Tufayl, the last living person to have seen the Prophet, describes him as “white with a beautiful face” (al-Adab al-Mufrad 33:37). Like the Black Stone (the cornerstone) Adam came from paradise, which is the celestial counterpart of the Promised Land (Genesis 2:10-14, 15:18, Leviticus 20:24, v. 47:15 & Bukhari 74:36). Thus, Adam’s soul comes from paradise in heaven and his body comes from paradise on earth. The Promised Land is neither too hot nor cold, being at the centre of the climes (v. 20:119). Like Adam and the Black Stone, the children of Adam were expelled from the Promised Land and blackened by their sins (Tirmidhi 37:3429). The sons of Ham were blackened for exposing their nudity (v. 18:90) and others by mixing with them, which Abraham forbade his sons to do (Jubilees 20:4). See my essay: When the Negus Wept. In short, Japhetites–who are native to the cold clime–were reddened by the cold, and Hamites were blackened by the heat of the hot clime, where they are native. Semites belong to the Mediterranean clime or ‘middle earth.’ See my essay: Understanding Abrahamic Geopolitics Through the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

Who Is Adam?

Adam represents the first intelligent man, specifically the first to know the names of God (vv. 2:31, 7:180 & Genesis 2). Two of his prominent sons are Abel the herdsman and Cain the farmer, these being the two primordial professions and the basis of civilization. Agriculture is correspondingly said to be the “mother of culture” or “science.” The Promised Land where Adam originates–which encompasses the fertile crescent–is called the “cradle of civilization.” It’s the source of law, science and technology, which couldn’t flourish elsewhere. See my post: Blood and Soil Explain the Spread of Magogites. The Qur’an calls people who obey the law of Adam “sons of Adam” and people who disobey the law of Adam apes. In other words, people are apes, except those who follow the law of God or nature. See my essay: Necessarily True: The Hermeneutics of Biblical Ancient History. Traditionally, the cold clime is associated with “barbarian invaders,” notably Magogites (v. 18:94). The hot clime, by contrast, is traditionally associated with “heathen cannibals,” as Ibn Battuta calls them.

The further one goes from the Promised Land, the more the climate becomes inhospitable; people are less civilized and are supposed to increasingly resemble wild animals, both in their physical moral attributes (v. 7:179). The Prophet says Adam was given all beauty (Muslim 1:318) however, the more people sinned, the more the human race became divided, dispersed and disfigured (vv. 95:4-5, 2:213, Genesis 9, 10 & 11). Sin causes races to become weak, stupid, confused and ugly–both physically and spiritually–and ultimately to be destroyed.

Abrahamic people are supposed to preserve most of the Adamic race and civilization. During the time of Noah, the human race was corrupt, except the family of Noah (Genesis 6:5-8). After the deluge, people became divided in their nations and tongues (Genesis 10 & 11). By the time of Abraham–whom the Prophet most resembles (Tirmidhi 47:3429 & 47:3422)–other people are said to resemble apes in comparison (Muslim 46:51, 1:318 & BT Bava Batra 58a). By the time of Joseph, Joseph had half of Adam’s beauty (Muslim 1:318). The story of Joseph is that of a white man–an Israelite–who is sold into slavery to an Egyptian–a Hamite. The master race is thus sold to a slave race (Genesis Rabba 86).

Traditional Jews and Christians aren’t accidentally white (i.e., semite) supremacist. It would be incredible for Islam to pretend this isn’t the original doctrine. The traditional narrative, which Qurayshis also believed, is that Abraham’s family–who preserve their integrity–would prevail over the Godless bastards of the earth, whom they saw as savage races who were transmogrified by their sins since the original exile from the Promised Land (Abu Dawud 15). Qurayshis saw these races as more like animals than humans (v. 7:179) notably swine in the north and apes in the south. This is because pigs are common in the north and resemble its people, whereas apes are common in the south and resemble its people. See the section entitled “Apes and Swine” in my essay: The Dangers of Pests, Foreign or Invasive Species.

Racist or Realist?

Jews’ and Arabs’ traditional view of other races isn’t unreasonable. Transcaucasian and subsaharan people at the time of the Prophet were seen as extremists, because they’re native to extreme climes (Tirmidhi 47:3213). Subsaharan people, on one extreme, were naked people who lived in caves (v. 18:90). They were also cannibals with terrifying tattoos and piercings who worshiped idols. Many African tribes still normally practice these rituals. In more recent times, African dictators and Moors like Ismail of Meknes suggest that Hamites are as terrible as ever. See my essay: Andalusians’ Different Experience With and Attitude Toward Hamites and Magogites. See also my posts: Why Racial Justice Isn’t Serious and When Racism Is Bad and General Butt Naked: A Typical Western Superhero.

Transcaucasian people or Magogites, on the other extreme, are barbarian invaders who can’t speak intelligibly–or think intelligently (cp. vv. 18:93 & 4:78)–indicating that they aren’t civilized (see also vv. 20:28 & 25:44). Ancient examples include Goths, Alans, Scythians, Turks, Picts and Vikings, among others. See my essays: The Supreme Race? I’ll Pass, The Original Idea of European Civilization and Was the West Ever Civilized? It’s not clear that they changed, either, as European colonists and modern figures like Hitler indicate. 

Hamites and Magogites seemed diabolical to Abrahamic people in the 7th c. This is how Arabs still perceive them to be in their nature or essence, as opposed to their ‘domesticated’ condition. Abrahamic people considered the people of these nations to be vicious and unsightly (Bukhari 93:6, 56:141 & Ibn Majah 9:1932). Not only are they uncivilized, but they also pose a constant threat to civilization. The Byzantines and Sassanids, for example, mutually endorsed the protection of the Caucasian Gate in the midst of the Byzantine-Sassanian war in order to prevent the “barbarians” from invading. Semites are traditionally the guardians of the Mediterranean who prevent Magogites, Turks and Hamites–that is, Europeans, Asians and Africans–from interpenetrating each others’ territories.

While Arabs traditionally have a negative view of these ‘extreme’ and invasive races, their view is realistic. Moreover, Arabs’ policy toward other races is sound. Rather than command Arabs to kill or enslave Eurasians and Africans like the Romans, the Prophet commands them to leave them alone as long as they leave Arabs alone (an-Nasa’i 25:92).

Do Arabs Enslave Their Own Race?

I argued against the Somali: how could black people be Arabs when Arabs enslaved blacks, as did their Jewish and Christian brethren? The Somali countered with the argument that Arabs enslaved their own people. He further argued that biblical and historical sources that denigrate black people aren’t reliable. Fatal problems with this argument are as follows:

1. He shoots himself in the foot by denying and reinventing biblical and historical sources he pretends to belong to his tradition.

2. Denying the bible is contrary to the Qur’an, which claims to confirm the Torah “that is with them” (vv. 46:12, 4:47 & 3:93).

3. Fragments of the bible dating between the 1st and 7th c. exist, which Jesus and the Prophet would recognize as ‘the Torah’ (Abu Dawud 40:99).

4. The histories of Jews, Christians and Arabs are well documented.

5. Ishmaelites–especially Qurayshis–exceptionally can’t be enslaved or dispatched (Bukhari 49:27 & Muslim 32:109). See my post: Omar Suleiman Isn’t Just an Idiot, but a Priest of a Hamite Antichrist.

Quraysh and their Jewish relatives expressly opposed Muhammad because of his inclusion of women and ajam (Eve and the serpent) (vv. 3:93, 46:12, 2:41, Bukhari 77:60, Deuteronomy 23:2-3, Muslim 32:104, Bukhari 56:261, 54:19 & Ibn Majah 37:4266). See my post: The Meaning of Adam and Eve.

When I told the Somali that ‘Abd ar-Rahman III and Imam Malik are blonde and blue-eyed, he said it’s because Arabs mixed with Romans, as if mixing with Somalis makes Arabs purer. ‘Abd ar-Rahman III is the first western Arab caliph. Imam Malik, on the other hand, is the teacher of all the muhaddithoon (Hadith scholars) and the principal jurist of the Arab west. It’s true, however, that Imam Malik was a Joktanite client of the Abbasid caliph al-Mansur and that ‘Abd ar-Rahman III dyed his hair black to look like a pureblood. However, that doesn’t disqualify them as authorities among Arabs, as it would if they were black. That’s because there are indigenous blondes in the Mediterranean–the land of semites–but no indigenous blacks. The Somali then tried to argue that Ethiopians are semites. This, however, is contrary to the Hadith which says Ham is the father of Ethiopians (Tirmidhi 47:3538). It’s also contrary to the biblical name of Ethiopia–Cush–which means ‘black,’ like the Arabic Sudan. In fact, Christian Romans are called Bani Ishaq (sons of Isaac) because they’re Edomites (Muslim 54:99). However, these should not to be conflated with Magogites or “barbarian invaders” who later converted to Christianity and took over the Roman empire in the 5th c., these being the ‘Christians of today.’ (Christianity was twice hijacked by Greeks or Romans and then Magogites.)

It’s not remarkable that Ishmaelites and Edomites marry. While it’s objectionable today because Edomites have become a mixed race of idolaters, Edomites and Ishmaelites have been marrying since the days of Ishmael and Edom (Genesis 28:9). In fact, the Midrash says Edom finally repents by joining the family of Ishmael, which is the meaning of the name of Ishmael’s daughter Basemath (from nitbasma: ‘to improve’) since Edom ‘improved’ after he married her and divorced his Canaanite wives (Genesis Rabba 67:13). Jews and Arabs see this as a prophecy of the penitence of Edom. While Ishmaelites can marry Edomites, they’re forbidden to marry Hamites (Genesis 9:25 & Jubilees 20:4). Arabs consider fair features to be beautiful (Muslim 1:332) and a negro with piercings to be ugly (Ibn Majah 9:1932). See my essay: Arab-Islamic Aesthetics. That’s not racist, as it pertains to Arab identity, preservation and aesthetics. A polar bear doesn’t have to think a black bear is attractive, let alone be forced to say it, on threat of prosecution, or ashamed to deny it. See my post: Arab-Islamic Aesthetics.

It Was Never Abraham’s Plan for Ajam to Take Over His Law, People or Country

It was obviously never Abraham’s plan for his family to mix and become confused with other nations, or for ajam to inherit from him (Genesis 15:2, Ezra 9 & v. 4:54). See my post: The Semitic Race. On the contrary, his children are supposed to stand out from other nations, which is why they’re not supposed to look, behave or dress the same as ajam. Ajam can’t become Abraham’s children or their leaders or heirs (al-Adab al-Mufrad 24:15 & Ibn Majah 23:2849). Abrahamic people are a race with their own native territories, languages, histories and laws. The people of Nimrod, Abraha, Pharaoh, Genghis Khan, Hannibal, Hitler, Khosrow and Caesar can’t rule, imposture or disinherit Abrahamic people, especially after trying to genocide them. That’s why the Qur’an reminds Abrahamic people of the evil ajam’s people or ancestors did to them, and the evil they can or still do (vv. 5:104 & 22:78). The potential enmity of ajam persists even after they convert to Islam. Sometimes Islam manifests their enmity, like the Shia who pretend the Persian Ayatollah is Eli’s heir, even though Persians assassinated Eli.

The Qur’an also reminds ajam Muslims what their evil people or ancestors did–and often continue to do–to Abraham and his family, so they don’t forget, and show respect to Abraham’s family. Indians at the time of the Prophet, for example, were his enemies (an-Nasa’i 25:91). Now, they’re divided between believers, who want to dictate Sharia, and pagans who want to eliminate it. How ridiculous would Islam be if people like Indians could dictate or destroy Islam simultaneously, as they see fit? It’s worth recalling that the devil in the garden of Eden traditionally represents a gentile intruder in the Promised Land. The gentile antisemite plays the role of the serpent in every biblical narrative after the Fall.

Ishmaelites’ Attitude Toward Ajam Today

Ishmaelites attitude toward ajam Muslims today is very negative for many reasons. For starters, they were little help to Arabs when Andalusia fell. Even as Sham falls today, they’re of little help still. There are almost two billion Muslims in the world, so their ability to help is beyond question. Their willingness is the issue. European converts like Barbarossa helped Andalusians more than other Muslims, including eastern Arabs, who had no excuse at the time.

Turkey took advantage of the situation to establish a Beylik in what was left of Andalusia. While it helped Andalusians establish my native Algiers–once known as the “The Seat of Power of the Saracens (Ishmaelites)”–to fight Spain and the papal states, it was only really interested in growing its empire and taxing and governing Andalusians, who did most of the fighting. The Bey of Algiers instigated the French invasion by aggravating the French ambassador. No sooner than the French invaded, they withdrew to safety in Turkey. The Turks were no help during colonization, WWI and II or the Battle of Algiers either. They were just there to tax Algerines and rule them in the name of their ancestors’ creed.

After WWI, Turkey abolished the sultanate after incredibly pretending to be caliphs–and even Hashemites–for almost 500 years. In fact, the ‘royalty’ at Topkapi palace consisted entirely of foreign bastards who didn’t even resemble the general population. The Ottomans had so indulged in the harem that nothing was left of their dynasty. Each successive generation of heirs would murder each other for the throne.

The Turks basically used Islam as an excuse to invade and occupy Asia Minor, which is part of the Promised Land. After WWI, they gave up on Islam and waxed secular. Ataturk insulted Islam and Arabs, calling the Prophet an “immoral Arab” on the land of Abraham and Noah that he still occupied. Ataturk sought to create a new country called ‘Turkey’ and to ‘Turkify’ Asia Minor by way of ethnic cleansing. Turkey then petitioned to the join the EU, which naturally rejected it after centuries of its trying to conquer Europe in vain. Turks today show no concern for their people and country of East Turkestan, even as China takes over it. See my post: Free East Turkestan Turkey!

The Turks used to be mercenaries the Abbasids hired. The Abbasids didn’t trust an Arab military, since many Arabs opposed them since the Abbasid Revolution. The Abbasids also employed Persians as bureaucrats instead of Arabs for the same reason. Contrary to false romantic portrayals of the Turks like in the recent Ertuğrul series, what is known about the Turks, historically, is that they’re a military contingent that overpowered the Abbasid dynasty–who became their puppets–and finally got rid of it in 1516. Nothing is known about Ertuğrul. Most of the series, like most stories about him, is made up. See my posts: Why the Ertuğrul Series Sucks and Critique of Turks and Their Role in Prophecy. The Turks are thus exemplars of ajam perfidy and opportunism. Like ajam in general, they have a natural propensity to prostitute the creed of Abraham, who isn’t their father. Now that the Erdogan regime looks to neo-Ottomanism as a prospect, the ‘faith’ of the Turks is ‘miraculously’ returning. See my post: Why the West Is Afraid of Turkey. While Turks host Syrian refugees, it’s worth bearing that the land they occupy belongs to Abraham and that they do practically nothing to stabilize the region or expel foreign occupiers. In fact, they even benefit from it. 

In the 13th c. pagan Turco-Mongols destroyed Baghdad and then pretended to be its next legitimate Islamic rulers. During the same period, the Moors (lit. negroes)–who are also ajam–brought down Andalusia (the western Arab empire) on the other side of the Mediterranean by invading Europe. The Moorish invasion of Europe caused European Christians to unite in order to expel all Muslims, including natives, from Europe. Moors have thus been trouble in the west like Turks in the east (Abu Dawud 39:12). For instance, when the new capital of Algiers became independent, Moors–mostly jobseekers–almost instantly flooded it. Many of them pretend to be Algerines–who are Andalusians–although their race and lack of roots in the old city betrays their origins.

For these and many other reasons, Ishmaelites’ attitude toward ajam today is very negative. While non-Muslim ajam attack Arabs, Muslim ajam normally usurp the Prophet’s pulpit, which the Prophet didn’t even allow Umayyads to do, let alone ajam (Tirmidhi 47:3673). Ajam today bear no allegiance to a caliph, nor do they fulfill their obligations toward their mawla or even recognize them. Technically, this means they aren’t Muslims or they’re heretics. See my essays: Basic Rights and Obligations of Mawla and Mawali, The Critical Relationship Between Mawla and Mawali, Abraham: The Greatest Godfather Ever and The Seven Houses of Islam. Ajam more generally don’t recognize Quraysh and usurp their heritage, including their language and law. All Islamic movements today–like ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood–aren’t Qurayshi and exploit Quraysh. These movements are even anti-Quraysh to the extent that they don’t recognize the authority of Quraysh and do great harm to them and their international reputation.

The Muslim Brotherhood, for instance, instigated the bloody and pointless civil war that split up my family and caused my immediate family to remain in Canada. The same ‘Brotherhood’ people now run mosques in Canada, where they want to ‘teach’ people like me their ‘true Islam’ instead of some of my relatives who were murdered because of them. Where was the Egypt-based ‘Brotherhood’ for centuries when the papal states clamoured to invade Algiers? Where were they during the French colonization? How great is it to discover that the local mosque is run by a chapter of the Brotherhood, or to meet a Brotherhood Somali who pretends to be Qurayshi? A Somali pretending to be Qurayshi is

1. a poor excuse to appropriate my identity, land, history, language and laws and

2. a wicked substitute for my murdered relatives.

What’s more, the ‘Imams’ at these Brotherhood mosques are Hamites who lie so brazenly that they’ll call Abraham their father on the Prophet’s pulpit. Another ‘Imam’ at said mosque is the son of a Syrian refugee and a European convert, half of whose family belong to the Catholic Church that murdered and tortured most of mine. Why should a Qurayshi listen or show respect to these people, just because they’re Muslims? On the contrary, it’s worse that they’re Muslims! When Islam no longer serves the Somali’s agenda, he’ll go back to identifying as a Somali and insult Arabs, like Ataturk. The half-European ‘Imam,’ on the other hand, will pretend to be a native Syrian. He’ll even pretend to teach Syrians Islam until the other half of his family bombs Syria. Then, he’ll escape to safety with the Christian half of his family in North America while Syrians die.

The evils of ajam today–both Muslims and non-Muslims–are so great as to put to question what Quraysh questioned at the time of the Prophet; namely, will their inclusion kill us? This was the reason Abu Jahl, Abu Sufyan and Abu Lahab opposed Muhammad. They didn’t believe Abrahamic people and gentiles or ajam should ever desegregate, because of the former’s wicked inclinations toward Abrahamic people, as well as their tendency to abuse their scriptures and integrity and to disfranchise them (v. 4:54).

The Somali, for instance, asked me why I think Andalusia fell. His answer–a vicious explanation–is that Arabs were drinking too much. That answer makes no sense, since Christians drink more than Arabs. The answer is obvious: Moors–whose deranged leaders claimed to be a prophet or the Mahdi–invaded Andalusia in the name of Islam. This caused Christian Europeans to unite against them, since they don’t want blacks in Europe. That’s why Europeans celebrate the ‘Reconquest’ in blackface every year. It’s also why Sardinia has four heads of Moors on its flag, even though Andalusians aren’t black. The difficulty to discern Andalusians from the native population is why the Spanish Inquisition was needed to ‘smoke them out.’ The Moors–who were visibly foreign–escaped to Moor-occo and Moor-itania where their kings supported Spain and France against the Andalusians. Ismail of Meknes, for example, is a Moorish humbug who claimed Alid descent. He was also an ally of Louis XIV and the father of a thousand bastards, who are potentially the ancestors of most Moors today.

Andalusians, in the meantime, either remained in Iberia until the last expulsion in 1609, or founded the Barbary States in southern Andalusia to fight Spain and the papal states. The Andalusians who chose to stay in Iberia were tortured, plundered, killed or force converted to the point of extinction. Those who founded cities like Algiers fought to the death for freedom. That’s why Andalusians hate Moors even more than the Spanish. Plus, there’s the irony that Moors are the only people who continue to practice slavery by enslaving their own kind.

‘Nobles’ without a historical civilization . . . who enslave themselves


The people who want Arabs to be non-white aren’t Quraysh or the Prophet. Rather, they’re:

1. negroids (Hamites) who want to use Islam as an excuse to gain power, land or followers

2. white supremacists who want Islam to be

a. a negroid religion, so they can oppose negroids on the pretext of opposing Islam as an ideology

b. so odious to Qurayshis that they’ll turn against Islam, like they did at the time of the Prophet, whom they can always reject

Islam is supposed to be a Messianic and Marionic dispensation that includes women and gentiles–even Hamites–whom Judaism and Christianity traditionally exclude. However, the Prophet also taught that ajam will eventually go back to their old ways (Ibn Majah 36:61). Few ajam are sincere about Islam. Most of them join it for some benefit. Sharia empowers monotheist nobles (Noahides) over their people in their native land. Such people are very few today. While a lot of people tend to lie about their origins, a lot of them are also confused, like the Somali who can’t identify with his people as a Somalian. Confused people inevitably end up assimilating into the bastard horde of Gog and Magog, who spread across the world and consume everything in their wake. See my post: Gog and Magog as Prophesied. The Prophet says Gog and Magog will eventually reach Syria and Iraq (the Promised Land) (Muslim 54:81). This is happening today. Like Andalusia, Sham is full of ajam. Romans, Magogites, Persians, Turks, Russians and Chinese all vie to control it. All the nations seem to be there except Israelites and Ishmaelites.

It’s finally worth cautioning that a facile critique of this essay as racist would be utterly insipid. To have or state an aesthetic preference is not racist. Stating unflattering facts or opinions–or just having unflattering thoughts or opinions–about or related to race is not racist either. Nor is it racist to like or dislike a race for no reason, a fortiori for one. Racism is to treat a person unjustly only because of their race. For instance, hating Somalis in Europe isn’t racist, since they don’t belong in Europe, where they’re an invasive species, just like Europeans in South Africa. See my post: The Dangers of Pests, Foreign or Invasive Species. Nor is it racist for a Qurayshi to hate Somalis who pretend to be Qurayshi or for a Somali to hate a Qurayshi who pretends to be Somali (which never happens). Conversely, denying that Quraysh is a race with a specific legal definition is truly racist and an endorsement of its genocide. It’s like pretending that China and Chinese people don’t exist, when they clearly do, and supporting a foreigner who tries to invade them or dictate their law. This is what a lot of ajam do to Arabs, Arabia and Sharia today. See my posts: Unnatural Reason: Racism and Diversity, Racism Is Healthy and Natural and What Is Racism? And What Is Misogyny?