Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

King Solomon: The Paragon of Holy War in Islam


There is no greater example of holy war in scripture than King Solomon, the ancestor of the Messiah (not the pope or Europeans) who is his successor. King Solomon is the paragon of Abraham in power in the Holy Land.

Who is King Solomon in scripture? The story of the ant and the Queen of Sheba say a lot. Both stories feature in the eponymous chapter of the Qur’an: The Ant.

The Ant

1. The Ant

As King Solomon’s army approaches a valley of ants, an ant cries to its fellows to seek refuge lest King Solomon’s hosts trample them unawares. King Solomon halts his legions, as he hears the ant’s plea, and praises God.

Thus, King Solomon wouldn’t hurt an ant if he could avoid it. The Antichrist, by contrast (his nemesis) tramples nations without qualms.

2. The Queen of Sheba

The Queen of Sheba, on the other hand, has it all, materially speaking. The looks, the wealth, the kingdom, the army . . . She even sends emissaries with gifts (bribes) to King Solomon.

How does King Solomon requite this? By declaring war against Sheba. Why? Because these are material things–not living things–that ignorant people fight for. They can’t hear living ants as they can’t hear the living God. They believed the sun is the greatest being, meaning they are materialists and enemies to King Solomon’s living subjects under the kingdom of God.


Solomon’s kingdom was not the greatest in history, materially speaking. It was the greatest spiritually. King Solomon could understand the wind, birds and animals. This corresponds to the Prophet’s saying that all creatures–from angels in heaven to fish in the sea–praise a wise person (Ibn Majah 1:228) since wisdom is a blessing to all (v. 2:269).

King Solomon’s wisdom gave him unparalleled insight. For instance, he learned of the opulence of Sheba and its adoration of the sun (its materialism) by observing the absence of the Hoopoe–one of his carrier birds–who tarried there (vv. 27:20-28). He would have sacrificed it–meaning it would be better as dead meat (i.e., a meal offering)–had it tarried excessively for no reason. This is comparable to the notion that a fat chicken (a ‘materialist’ chicken) is only good for slaughter.

It is not a coincidence that the Antichrist–the pink man-God–is associated with a body of flesh and the sun, which are material entities. Christmas, for instance, celebrates the birth of Sol Invictus (the Roman sun god). The Roman Church also replaced the lunar calendar with the solar calendar, and the Sabbath with Sunday.