Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

Islam Is Universal, Arabs Aren’t

When racism isn’t the issue with Islamophobia, Islam is said to be an aggressive missionary religion.

While Islam is meant to spread everywhere, Arabs aren’t. Islam restores natural limits. Thus, Arabs have limits (hudood). E.g., they magnetically return to the Promised Land, lest they become apes and swine (i.e., assimilate with unclean nations).

Magogites are the opposite. They spread everywhere, as they eat, duck or kill everything until they die out like bacteria in a petri dish.

Converting people is unnecessary, since they compulsively obey the law of God or nature. It’s the difference between having limits, like Arabs, and not having any, like Magogites. It’s hereditary, not a choice.

The master narrative in Islam is naturalistic. People come from earth (Adam) and life (Eve). Jealousy and rivalry arising from the division of labour instigate war (Abel and Cain). The nations split into three climes (Shem, Ham and Japheth) and every country corresponds to its race and patriarch (type and archetype). In short, biblical geography and genealogy correspond to the natural division of the earth or nations (Adam).

Bastards want what isn’t theirs and proselytizers want money and followers. They’re easy to tell because you can’t serve two masters or deny your people and place.

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