Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

Fining Pretendians: An Epic Coinage!

Article review: Indigenous filmmaker wants fines, jail time for ‘pretendians’ who misrepresent their identity

US legislation finally recognizes false representation as a crime, with a penalty of $250,000 and fives years in prison. Haida in Canada are pushing for the same.

This is a landmark in the process of decolonization, for those who track this progress–as opposed to colonizers who push for die-versity now that they can no longer get away with murdering everyone. (Investors diversify portfolios to hedge their bets, like European colonizers.)

If the French said: “Let’s not leave Algeria. Let’s stay and bring the whole world in with us! Together, under one European ruler.” I’d tell tell them to go duck themselves.

Full-bloods who preserve their ancestry, race and culture are inevitably going to claim against bastards who usurp them, as it is their right, and their loss otherwise. This is just the beginning of goodbye ‘white Indians’ and ‘nice try Europeans.’

Imagine if the all-European Supreme Court of Canada decided the opposite of Daniels v Canada (2016) namely, that Métis are Europeans, rather than indigenous. Given the sheer number of Métis, Europe would cease to exist. The racial bias is obvious, as is the colonial motive behind indigenizing Métis, as opposed to the one-drop rule for Europeans.