Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite

Bedouins Support Political Islam in Libya to Gain Power

Article review: Libya Interim Govt. FM to Asharq Al-Awsat: Qatar Expanding its Clout by Backing Political Islam

When it comes to what incites ‘terrorism,’ European invaders aren’t the only problem. Hamites are also a huge problem in Libya and elsewhere. These parties are all hostile to Abrahamic nationalism. Israelites, for instance, haven’t been able to govern themselves since the first century. Even then, Herod and his priests were usurpers and Roman puppets. Ishmaelites, on the other hand, haven’t been able to govern themselves since the fall of their last dynasties in the 15th c. Gentile sects and secular regimes and institutions that use or oppose Abrahamic scriptures were designed to demonize, imposture, extort or disfranchise Abrahamic people.

All these gentiles are terrorists as far as Abrahamic people are concerned. What doesn’t support the Davidic kingdom, Levitical priesthood and Ishmaelite caliphate in the Promised Land–be it secular zionism, Hamas, al-Qaeda, etc.–is anti-Abrahamic. It’s ironic that they use Abrahamic scriptures against Abrahamic people to justify their power or invaders’. In fact, scripture is a national constitution and narrative that relates the stories of Abrahamic people and their prophets and patriarchs. The covenant is meant to preserve and honour Abraham’s children, not destroy and humiliate them or replace them with gentiles (Tirmidhi 49:4281).