Brainstorm of an Ishmaelite



Below is a collection of my aphorisms, which is inspired from the tradition of my ancestors.


On Politics

Cockroaches will never get along with birds.

A bird will always iterate toward the policy of eating cockroaches.

Beware of the bat, who is neither bird nor beast.

Bats, once they’re inevitably exposed, are enemies to birds and beasts and friends to no one.

There are no ‘friends’ in law or politics, only interests.

The way to maintain freedom is to exercise it. Use it or lose it.

Degenerate people are popular among degenerate people.

On Intellect

Those least endowed with good sense think themselves the most endowed.

Call a wise person smart and it suspects you; call a fool smart and it believes you.

Don’t take criticism from people you wouldn’t go to for advice.

If you argue with pigs, you’ll just get dirty and they’ll just get happy.

On Science

Most people consider hard science what they can subpoena.

“Every novelty is delusion” (kullu bid’atin dhalala) is true across nature, which destroys novelties until they’re no longer novel, if they manage to survive.

On Religion

An institution is as evil as the sins it pardons.

Fear of God is most beneficial before consuming the forbidden fruit.

Piety–the fear of God (taqwa)–is like vertigo: the fear of heights and falling. Hypocrisy is to jump and fear God as one falls. Idiocy is to jump and not fear God at all.

Heedlessness (ghafla) is like hypoxia. See my post: Hypoxia as an Analogy for Ghafla (Heedlessness).

One can have a thousand opinions about gravity as one leaps to one’s death; the same is true of Sharia, where opinion is deadly and error is death (vv. 10:32, 10:36, Bukhari 90:14 & Abu Dawud 26:12).

An institution fails when it can’t prosecute evil, just forgive it, or even empower it.

Uncircumcised people of unknown tribes and fathers–be they women or gentiles–tend to have the strongest, and most irrelevant, opinions on Abraham.

Even where the sons of Abraham are unanimous, bastards pretending to speak for their father will differ.

On Feminism

Since when have women ever built, supported or fought for men, let alone as a legal obligation?

Feminists don’t want to be equal to men in respect to construction work and military service.

Career women want to compete with men, but they don’t want the brutality; so, they create laws to render men effete or ‘level the playing field.’

On History

Those who don’t learn from history become it.

On Law

A savage thinks his opinion law and recognizes no judge.

Civilization and the rule of law is hierarchy.

Hierarchy is the only objective reality of law.

A legal system is as good as it is consistent and the hierarchy it promotes.

The law maintains the rich and poor while giving the poor the illusion they can petition for equality before the law.

Sharia is the soul of Alids, the sovereignty of Quraysh, the honour of Ishmaelites, the prestige of Arabs and the excuse of gentiles.

On Life

Too much is as bad as too little. Enough is enough.

Compare the following statement to chs. 102 & 103 and vv. 94:7-8:

“You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.” Follow advice, certainly, but remember, everything you choose to do comes at a cost – the cost of the time invested, and all the opportunities not pursued. You’re not getting that time back, so invest it wisely.–David Wise

Failure to plan is a plan to fail.

A man without a plan will blame anyone he can.

You suck until you succeed. Success is worth a thousand failures.

Failure to try is sure to fail.

If you’re going to travel for 10 hours, it’s worth spending an hour making sure you know where you’re going, how to get there and that’s were you want to go.

On Strategy

Strategy is to get there first with the most men.

Slow down to speed up.

On Marriage

Marry God and you’ll be married; divorce God and you’ll be divorced.

Disobey God, do as you will, and good luck past the honeymoon.

Between Adam and Eve is either God or the devil.

Your choice of wife is your choice of life.

Woman opens a door to paradise or hell; Man enters.

Only the stupidest man will divorce an obedient woman or marry a disobedient one.

An intelligent man will always prefer a fertile virgin to a barren wasteland.

Foolish women expect men to be pious and charming, though they both take practice and are mutually exclusive.